Math 143 - Precalculus Mathematics
Section EN - Fall 2017

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    August 1, 2017
  • Welcome to the course! My name is Marta Hidegkuti and I will be the instructor of this course. Please monitor this web site regularly because all announcements and handouts will be made available here. When viewing this site, push the refresh button to access the most recent documents.
  • Some quizzes will be taken online, on MyOpenMath. The use of MyOpenMath is mandatory and completely free. Please visit www.myopenmath.com and register as a student. The course ID is 24943 and the enrollment key is Math143fall2017.

Lecture Notes

Simplifying Algebraic Expressions (Class 1)
Review of Equations (Class 1)
Fractions and Decimals (Class 1)
The Real Numbers - Part 1 (Class 1)

Factoring A (Class 2)
Completing the Square 1, 2, 3 (Class 2)
Factoring 1 (Class 2)
Graphing lines (Class 2)
Exponents 1 (Class 2)

nth Root of a Number (Class 3)
Radical Expressions (Class 3)
Completing the Square - Part 4 (Class 3)
Solving systems of equations
by substitution   by elimination (Class 3)
Linear Word Problems (Class 3)

Introduction to Construction (Class 4)
Triangle Inequality (Class 4)
The Pythagorean Theorem (Class 4)
Smallest Value of a Quadratic Expression (Class 4)
Graph of a parabola - 1 (Class 4)
Inequality and Interval Notation (Class 4)

Graphical Solutions (Class 5)
Integer Exponents (Class 5)
Complex Fractions (Class 5)
The Real Number System (Class 5)
Linear Inequalities (Class 5)

Graph of a Parabola - 2 (Class 6)
Similar Triangles (Class 6)
Combinatorics 1 (Class 6)

Optimization (Class 7)
Quadratic Inequalities (Class 7)



Quiz 2 Review
Quiz 4 Review
Quiz 6 Review
Exam 1 Information
Exam 1 Review