Calculus and Analytic Geometry 1
Math 207 GH - Fall 2017

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August 7, 2017
  • Welcome to the course! My name is Marta Hidegkuti and I will be the instructor of this course. Please monitor this web site regularly because all announcements and handouts will be made available here. When viewing this site, push the refresh button to access the most recent documents.
  • The MyOpenMath class is already available. You can sign up using the course ID 25236 and enrollment key math207fall2017. The use of MyOpenMath will be mandatory, but it is completely free!


Are You Ready For Calculus?

Worksheets, Lecture Notes

Guide to review (Class 1)
Algebra Review (Class 1)
What is a Function? (Class 1)
Complete Analysis of a Function - Part 1 (Class 1)

Trigonometry Review
    Famous Values (Class 3)
    Unit Circle Definitions (Class 3)
    Symmetries of the Unit Circle (Class 3)
    Trigonometric Equations: Part 1, Part 2 (Class 3)
Algebra Review
   Quadratic Inequalities (Class 3)
   Basic Functions (Class 3)
Average Velocity - Part 1 (Class 3)
Limits at Infinity - Part 1 (Class 3)

Algebra Review
    Logarithms - Part 1 (Class 4)
    Inverse Functions (Class 4)
Average Velocity - Part 2 (Class 4)

Algebra Review
    Logarithms - Part 2 (Class 5)
Properties of Limits at Infinity (Class 5)
Limits at Infinity - Part 2 (Class 5)

Two-sided Limits (Class 6)
Properties of Limits (Class 6)

Circles -
Theory and Solved Problems (Class 7)
Continuous Functions (Class 7)


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Exam 1 Review