Announcements - Math 207
Section DE - Fall 2009

Wednesday, December 2
  • New lecture notes posted: on graphing in polar coordinates
Monday, November 30
  • Exam 4 Information and Exam 4 Review 1 and Review 2 are now posted.
  • Lecture notes on applications of the definite integral 2 are now posted.
Monday, November 16
  • New lecture notes posted: on integration by substitution.
  • Answers to Problem Set 4 are now posted.
Wednesday, November 11
  • Quiz 8 will cover definite integrals and all previous material.
Wednesday, November 4
  • Exam 3 Review is now posted.
  • Also posted: practice on definite integrals.
Friday, October 30
  • Problem Set 4 is now posted. It will be due on Monday, November 9.
Wednesday, October 28
  • Just posted: practice on related rates.
  • Please check back on Friday night. By then Problem Set 4 will be posted; it will be the homework due next Wednesday.
Monday, October 26
  • Per student request, practice on graphing the antiderivative is now posted.
Wednesday, October 21
  • New lecture notes posted: on differentiation 3 and on hyperbolic functions.
Monday, October 19
  • Quiz 5 review is now posted. Check back later for more.
  • Practice on differentiation (Differentiation 3) is now posted. You should first work on Quiz 5 Review.
Wednesday, October 7
  • Exam 2 Review is now posted.
  • Answers for Problem Set 3 are now posted.
  • New lecture notes posted: on optimization 2 and on differentiation 2.
Monday, October 5
  • New lecture notes posted: on tangent lines using the discriminant and differentiation 2.
Friday, October 2
  • Problem Set 3 is now posted. It is due on MOnday, October 12.
Monday, September 28
  • Quiz 3 will cover all topics covered on Exam 1 and tangent lines.
  • Extra Credit Assignment: finish #11 on the exam, using the discriminant. Prove that the derivtive of an even function is odd. Prove that the derivative of an odd function is even.
Monday, September 21
  • New lecture notes posted: on complete analysis of a function.
Wednesday, September 16
  • Exam 1 Review is now posted.
  • New lecture notes posted: on tangent lines.
  • Also posted: answers for Problem Sets 1 and 2.
Monday, September 14
  • New lecture notes posted: on differentiation.
Wednesday, September 9
  • Homework for Monday: Problem Set 2.
  • Quiz 2 will cover all material from Quiz 1, limits, and optimization 1.
Wednesday, September 2
  • Homework for next Wednesday: Problem Set 1.
  • New lecture notes posted: on optimization.
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Monday, August 31
  • New handouts posted: Answers for Pre-Claculus Review, and lecture notes on completing the square, quadratic word problems, and limits at infinity.
Tuesday, August 28
  • Quiz 1 will cover topics from the Pre-Calculus Review.
  • Course Outline is now posted. This document will be regularly updated.
Monday, August 24
  • Homework for Wednesday: Questions. Homework for next Monday: Pre-calculus review.
  • Lecture Notes posted: on completing the square, decimals and fractions, linear equarions, word problems, and quadratic inequalities.
Tuesday, July 28
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