Math 98/99 Information
Fall 2019

  Math 98-99 Course Information
Syllabus Checklist
In the fall semester of 2018, the Mathematics Department re-designed Math 98 and Math 99. A pedagogy statement that includes a description of new topics and new practices is available here.
Math 98 Material

   Weeks 1-8
  Last revised: July 6, 2019
    Weeks 9-16   Last revised: July 29, 2019

Course Outlines:

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    Tue-Thur Classes   Topics are links

Final Review

Math 99 Material

   Weeks 1-8   Last revised: June 30, 2019
   Weeks 9-16   Last revised: August 10, 2019

Course Outlines:

   Mo-Wed Classes   Topics are links
   Tue-Thur Classes   Topics are links

Final Review
To supplement the current course material, instructors are free to use written explanations or videos from our previous text book, available online at (written text) (videos)

Online Homework Platform: MyOpenMath (MOM)
MyOpenMath (MOM) is also an Open Educational Resource. It is an online homework and classroom management platform that was created by mathematics instructors. Its use is free for students and instructors. The URL of MyOpenMath is

MyOpenMath also offers free online self-study courses for students, ranging from pre-algebra to pre-calculus. It is recommended that students explore these self-study courses to strengthen their pre-requisite skills. Students can register

Instructors: To register with MOM, please e-mail to Marta Hidegkuti at

Getting Started with MOM for Instructors

Additional Resources
Math 98
Math 99
We modify the textbook from semester to semester.
Access to earlier versions of the text:
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