FS Math 3001/3002 and Math 98/99 Information - Spring 2020

In the fall semester of 2018, the Mathematics Department re-designed our Math 98 and Math 99 courses. New topics were added and a new approach was used. A pedagogy statement that includes a description of new topics and new practices is available here.

Course Material
FS Math 3001/3002
Math 99

Additional Resources

Our previously used text was an OER book, with videos. They might be a useful resource for faculty.
http://www.wallace.ccfaculty.org/book/book.html (written text)
http://www.wallace.ccfaculty.org/videos.html (videos)

Instructors: To register with MOM, please e-mail to Marta Hidegkuti at mhidegkuti@ccc.edu.

Getting Started with MOM for Instructors

We modify the textbook from semester to semester.
Access to earlier versions of the text:
       Fall 2018      Spring 2019      Fall 2019

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