Math 98 and 99 Syllabi - Spring 2020

As you may know, our syllabi will be scrutinized this semester. Syllabus templates are posted here to help instructors with writing their syllabus. Please download and modify it.

Math 98    Math 99

You could use ctrl+F (for find) with the word 'enter' or 'enterHere'.

If you see EnterHere, you need delete that and enter your name, class section, etc. in its place. The ends are black so you don't have to work on scrubbing out the colored format.

EnterHereBegin   Text inside a pair of markers can or must be modified. For example, if your calculator policy is different from what is on the template, you enter your own and wipe out the colored markers. If you like what is there, just delete the markers at the end. EnterHereEnd

Some such paragraphs must be modified because they list several policy options to chose from.
When you reached the course outline, there is nothing else left to fill in. You can make further modifications, add paragraphs, but it would be best if you don't delete entire paragraphs. That way, all 33 mandatory items will be on your syllabus. If you see broken links or have a question, please e-mail to

This page was last revised on January 6, 2020.