Hungarian Mathematics Problems

The following problems were translated from Hungarian. They were developed by a national committee and then were used to assess students nation-wide as they finished high school and applied to universities. The different sets were entrance examinations for different majors, such as engineering or education, or mathematics major.

All of these problems are at the Pre-Calculus level. Enjoy!

Problem Sets from 1972
Problem Sets from 2000

While the problem sets shown above were used as official assessments, the following problem sets were developed as practice problem sets for preparation for those assessments. As it is usually the case, these mock problem sets might be slightly harder than the actual entrance exams. These problem sets were also translated from Hungarian. The originals are available at


Problem Set II from 1984
Problem Set I from 1985
Problem Set II from 1985
Problem Set III from 1986
Problem Set IV from 1986
Problem Set V from 1986

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