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Lecture Notes and Sample Exams

College Algebra and Trigonometry

College Algebra

Review of Linear Equations -
Review of Systems of Equations
Factoring by Completing the Square (Review)
Applications of Linear Equations
The Pythagorean Theorem
Remainder Theorem
Nonlinear Systems
Arithmetic Sequences
Exercises in Symmetry
Functions - Definition
Graphical Solutions
Quadratic Inequalities Updated!
Rational Inequalites:
  The Coolest Method
  Two Other Methods
  One More Method
Domain of Functions (no logarithms)
Domain of Functions (with logarithms)
The Arithmetic and Geometric Means
The Arithmetic, Geometric, and Harmonic Means
Complex Numbers
New! Roots and Coefficients in Quadratic Equations
Equations with Parameters
Tangent Lines (completing the square)
Tangent Lines (quadratic formula)
Logarithms 1
New! Logarithms 1.5
Basic functions and their properties
Transformations on graphs
Rules of Logarithms (formulas only)
Logarithms 2
Basic Exponential and Logarithmic Equations
Exponential Equations
Geometric Sequences
The Fibonacci Sequence
Circles - Part 1
Circles - Part 2
Inverse Functions
New!Higher Degree Inequalities
Limits at Infinity: Part 1, Part 2
Limits at infinity
Graphing Polynomials - 1
Graphing Factored Polynomials
Graphing the Reciprocal of a Function
Discontinuities of Rational Functions
Graphing Rational Functions
Factoring Polynomials
Division of Polynomials
New! Division of Polynomials and Applications
Equation of an ellipse
Thales's Theorem
New! Combinatorics 1
New! Combinatorics 2
New! Combinatorics 3
New! The Inscribed Circle
New! The Supercribed Circle

The Pythagorean Theorem
Similar Triangles
Arcs and Sectors in a Circle
Right Triangle Trigonometry
Trig Function Values of Famous Angles
Simplifying Trigonomic Expressions
All Trigonometric Identities
Trigonometric Identities 1
Computing Trigonometric Expressions
Unit Circle Definitions
Symmetries of the Unit Circle
All Trigonometric Equations
Trigonometric Equations 1
Graphing Basic Trigonometric Functions (sinx, cosx, tanx)
Graphing All Six Trigonometric Functions
Trigonometric Identities 2
Trigonometric Equations 2
Proof of Sum Formulas
Trigonometric Identities 3
Trigonometric Identities 4
Trigonometric Equations 3
Trigonometric Equations 4
Trigonometric Equations 5
Law of Sines (Older Version) Law of Sines - Part 1 (Newer Version)
Law of Sines - Part 2 (the ambigious case)
Law of Cosines
Triangle Identities
Solving Triangles
Half-Angle Formulas
Product-Sum Identities
Graphing Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Graphing Trigonometric Functions (practice)
Inverse Trigonometric Expressions
Vectors 1 (Geometrically Defined)
Vectors 2 (Algebraically Defined)
Vectors 3 (Dot Product)
New! Medians in a Triangle
Graphing in Polar Coordinates

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