Questions - Fall 2013

First Name:         Last Name:         Enrolled in :

Phone number:                         e-mail address:    
Note: I use phone very rarely, ONLY if I need to urgently contact you. For example, to cancel an appointment.)

How would you like to be addressed during class?        

Is this your first semester at Truman College?     yes     no

Do you plan to enter the nursing program at Truman College?     yes     no     not sure

Do you already have a major?   yes     no     not sure      
            If yes, what is your major?    

Do you plan to earn a certificate at Truman College?   yes     no     not sure
            If yes, what certificate?    

Do you plan to transfer to a four-year university?   yes     no     not sure
            If yes, which university?    

What other courses are you taking this semester?  

Please indicate approximately how much time do you spend with
Work:   hours per week
Commute:   hours per week
Family resonsibilities:   hours per week
Studying:   hours per week
If there are other activities that currently demand a lot of your time (sport, hobby, etc), indicate
Activity:     hours per week
Activity:     hours per week
Activity:     hours per week

For successful completion of a college course, students must study every week outside of lectures at least twice as many hours as the credit hours of the course. For example, to successfully complete a 5 credit hour course, students need to study at least 10 hours per week for this course. These 10 hours are in addition to the classes, and some students need to study even more than that.

I understand and I have this much time available for studying for this course.   yes     no

Many topics will be covered by handouts posted on the class's web site. Do you have easy daily access to
  a computer?   yes     no
  the internet?   yes     no
  a printer?   yes     no

Why are you taking this course?

What grade do you hope to earn in this class?  

What is the highest level of math course that you plan to take?  

When did you take your last math course before this class? What class was it? What grade did you get?

Name one thing you like about math.

Name a topic in math you like. Why do you like it?

Name a topic you think we should review in this class.

What teaching techniques have worked for you the best in the past?

Finish the sentence: I like when my math teacher

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