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Beginning Algebra with Geometry - Math 98
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August 23, 2018
  • Welcome to the course! My name is Marta Hidegkuti and I will be the instructor of this course. Please monitor this web site regularly because all announcements and handouts will be made available here. When viewing this site, push the refresh button to access the most recent documents.

  • The MyOpenMath class is already available. You can sign up using the course ID 39159 and enrollment key math98fall2018. The use of MyOpenMath will be mandatory, but it is completely free!

Worksheets, Lecture notes

The Language of Mathematics (Class 1)
The Words AND and OR (Class 1)
The Set of All Natural Numbers (Class 2)
The Order of Operations Agreement (Class 2)

Problem Set 1 (Class 2)

Introduction to Set Theory (Class 3)
Factors of a Number (Class 3)

Problem Set 2 (Class 3)

The Set of All Integers (Class 4)
Order of Operations on Integers (Class 4)
Perimeter and Area of Rectangles (Class 4)

Square Root of an Integer (Class 5)
Division with Remainder (Class 5)
Fractions 1 (Class 5)

Problem Set 3 (Class 5)

Algebraic Expressions and Statements (Class 6)
Perimeter and Area of Right Triangles (Class 6)
Set Operations (Class 6)

Fractions 2 - Equivalent Fractions (Class 7)
Introduction to Number Theory (Class 7)

Exam 1 Review (Class 7)

Fractions 3 - Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers (Class 8)
Linear Equations 1 (Class 8)
Area of General Triangles (Class 8)

Problem Set 4 (Class 8)

Fractions 4 - Adding and Subtracting Fractions (Class 10)
Simplifying Algebraic Expressions (Class 10)

Fractions 5 - Multiplying and Dividing Fractions (Class 11)
The Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple (Class 11)

Problem Set 5 (Class 11)

Linear Equations 2 (Class 12)
The Rectangular Coordinate System (Class 12)

Intervals (Class 13)
Rules of Exponents (Class 13)

Exam 2 Review (Class 13)

Applications of Linear Equations (Class 14)

Multiplying Algebraic Expressions (Class 16)

Linear Inequalities (Class 17)
Graph of an Equation (Class 17)

Problem Set 6 (Class 17)

More Worksheets, Lecture Notes

The Zero Product Rule (Class 18)
Factoring 1(GCF) (Class 18)

Integer Exponents (Class 19)

Problem Set 7 (Class 19)

Weighted Average (Class 20)
Graphing a Line 1 (Class 20)

Factoring 2 (Diff Sq.) (Class 21)

Exam 3 Review

Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Elimination (Class 22)

Problem Set 8 (Class 22)

Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Substitution (Class 24)
Factoring by Trial and Error (Class 24)

Slope of a Line (Class 25)

Problem Set 9 (Class 25)

The Pythagorean Theorem (Class 26)

Factoring by Grouping (Class 27)
Factoring by AC Method (Class 27)

Problem Set 10 (Class 27)
Departmental Final Review (Class 27)
Exam 4 Review - Version B (Class 27)

Rational Expressions (Class 28)
Square Root of 2 is Irrational (Class 28)

Fractions and Decimals (Class 29)
The Real Number System (Class 29)
More on Linear Systems (Class 29)

Factoring the Diffference and Sum of Cubes (Class 30)


Exam 1 Review
Exam 2 Review
Exam 3 Review
Departmental Final Review
Exam 4 Review - Version B