Math 99 - Intermediate Algebra with Geometry
Section DE - Spring 2016

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January 12, 2016
  • Homework will be assigned on MyOpenMath. The use of MyOpenMath is mandatory and completely free. Please visit www.myopenmath.com and register as a student. The course ID is 9225 and the enrollment key is Math99DE_sp16.
  • Homework for Monday: Getting Started with MyOpenMath and Problem Set 1.
  • Extra Credit Assignment: don't google it or take to Math Center. Is it true that every natural number has an even number of factors? If yes, why? If no, why not?
January 9, 2016
  • Welcome to the course! My name is Marta Hidegkuti and I will be the instructor of this course. Please monitor this web site regularly because all announcements and handouts will be made available here. When viewing this site, push the refresh button to access the most recent documents.


Worksheets, lecture notes

Order of Operations (Class 1)

Evaluating Algebraic Expressions (Class 2)
Integers (Class 2)

Solutions of Equations (Class 3)

Review of Fractions (Class 4)
Two-step Equations (Class 4)
Linear Equations (practice) (Class 4)

The Real Numbers (Class 5)
Simplifying Algebraic Expressions (Class 5)
More Linear Equations (practice) (Class 5)

Linear Equations (all of them) (Class 6)
Factoring - Part 1 (Class 6)
Square Root of 2 is Irrational (Class 6)
Area and Perimeter of Right Triangles (Class 6)

Factoring - Part 2 (Class 7)

Factoring by completing the square
  Part 1   Part 2   (Class 9)
Exponents 1 (Class 9)

Graphing straight lines (Class 10)
Radical Expressions (Class 10)

Factoring by completing the square   Part 3 (Class 11)
Factoring by completing the square   Part 4 (Class 11)
Integer Exponents (Class 11)

Graphing Parabolas - 1 and Practice (Class 12)

Fractions and Decimals (Class 13)
Solving Systems by Elimination (Class 13)
Solving Systems by Substitution(Optional) (Class 13)

Rational Expressions 1(Class 14)
Linear Word Problems (Class 14)

Factoring by grouping (practice) (Class 15)
Factoring by the AC-method (Class 15)
Factoring by the AC-method (practice) (Class 15)
Linear Inequalities (Class 15)
Compound Inequalities (Class 15)

Quadratic Formula (Class 17)
Rational Expressions 2 (Class 17)
Mixture Problems (Class 17)

Graphing a Parabola - 2 (Class 18)

Complex Fractions (Class 19)
Summation 1 (Class 19)

Writing Equations of Lines (Class 20)

The Pythagorean Theorem (Class 21)

Rational Exponents (practice) (Class 23)
Absolute Value Equations (Class 23)

Functions (Class 24)

Complex Numbers (Class 25)

Rational Equations (Class 26)
Basic Motion Problems (Class 26)

Motion Problems (Class 27)
Solving 3 by 3 Systems (Class 27)
Radical Equations (Class 27)

Similar Triangles (Class 28)
Quadratic Wordproblems (Class 28)


Review for Exam 1
Sample Exam 1
Review for Exam 2
Sample Exam 2
Review for Exam 3
Review for Exam 4 (departmental)